Attention Martial Arts Studio Owners!

Empower the children in your community while you teach them to be KID SAFE!

Our KID SAFE program is designed with all the materials you need to successfully implement this powerful workshop in your community. This program includes training materials of details scripts and a live video presentation, and a unique power point presentation to make teaching this program easy and makes learning for the students more educational and fun. We have included a Kid Safe ID kit for you to hand out to the participants and a complete package of marketing materials. Now you can have a great impact on the children in your community and on your business with Kid Safe for only a one time purchase price of $197!


The Kid Safe Presentation Includes:

  •    Green, Yellow and Red Lights of Safety
  •    Making Smart Safety Designs
  •    Drug Awareness
  •    Stranger Danger
  •    Safety Zones
  •    Appropriate Touching
  •    Kid Safe Self Defense

The Kid Safe Program Includes:

  • Video Presentation
  • Facebook Ad
  • Coloring Page
  • Kid Safe ID Kit
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Print Ads


Live Presentation Video

The Kid Safe Program features Live Presentation Video that instructors can study and learn to get the Kid Safe message across!


Presentation Scripts

We have created time-tested Presentation Scripts that are guaranteed to work for you!


Power Point Presentation Teaching Tools

Powerful Power Point Presentations help get the point across in the most interactive way available!


Marketing Material (Print and Social Media)

We create Marketing Material for you to use so you can focus your time on teaching and empowering children!



Use this Presentation for…

  •   Your School Talks and Mass Intro Marketing
  •   Great for All Groups of Children (like Boy/Girl Scouts, Church Groups)
  •   Community Out Reach Programs
  •   Special Events
  •   To Educate and Keep Your Own Students Safe